The UNC Charlotte Pre-Law Society is led by the Executive Board. Executive Board members serve to ensure the operations of the organization are run effectively, conduct meetings, and uphold the dignity of the Society.

2017-2018 Academic Year

President - Galaxi Wilson

Vice President Internal - Alex Lonker

Vice President External - Kasey Ireland

Treasurer - Sarah Ghannam

Outreach Chair - Rania Hamdan

Speaker Coordinator - KJ Ukpai 

Publicity Coordinator - Dominique Cotton

Secretary - Angie Vincent


2016-2017 Academic Year

President - Christopher Rizo

Vice President - Harrison Mull

Co-Treasurer - Christine Marolda

Co-Treasurer - Galaxi Wilson

LSAT Chair - Kasey Ireland

Secretary - Haley Litaker

Speaker Coordinator - Kerry Blanch

Publicity Coordinator - Dominique Cotton

Assistant Publicity Coordinator - Michelle Romero