The Pre-Law Society is one of the oldest student organizations on campus. Since 1985 the Society has worked to provide members with all the necessary information on gaining admission to law schools, fostering networking opportunities and deepening an understanding of the legal profession. 

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Message from the President:

Fellow Pre-Law Members,

As a member of Pre-Law Society, I have had the opportunity to serve as a member as well as an executive leader since 2015. Both perspectives have allowed me to strive to improve our organization and ensure that Pre-Law not only serves our members, but sets a standard for all pre-professional organizations.

Our goal extends beyond a premium insight of the legal field- we hope to encourage practical knowledge in choosing a career, provide meaningful experiences for our members, and create lifelong friendships in the process.  I am humbled to serve our members and look forward to another successful year.

-Galaxi Wilson

(336) 740 - 2317

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Recent Awards to the Society:

  • Lifetime Achievement for Student Organization Advising Kathleen Nicolaides 2014-2015

  • Outstanding Web Presence 2012-2013, 2013-2014

  • Outstanding Student Leader Christina Neitzey 2013-2014

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